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If you love to grill, times just got better. With The Big Boss Grill kitchen appliance, every day can be a grill day. You are never dependent on nice weather for delicious, grilled food. You don’t have to share your meals with the bugs. You don’t have to run from kitchen to backyard trying to keep things cooking in both locations. The Big Boss Grill has six interchangeable cooking plates: grill, griddle, waffle, doughnut, sandwich, and omelet plates help you make great meals whether you are an accomplished cook or an amateur. Create succulent salmon, juicy hamburgers, or spicy summer squash. Use the griddle plates to create a mouth-watering breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs or pancakes. Big Boss Grill’s waffle plates will turn out perfect, delicious square waffles just waiting to be basked in sticky maple syrup. Switch to the doughnut plates and whip up eight fantastic little doughnuts in one flourish. If you add glaze, powdered sugar, or fresh fruit you’ve got a meal IHOP would envy. Your kids will think you’re a hero. Their friends will be dazzled at your grill prowess.

Do you want to whip up lunch for a bunch? The Big Boss Grill makes preparing sandwiches easy. There’s even a diagonal indentation in the cooking plates which shows you where to cut them in perfect triangles. With the Big Boss Grill you can prepare grilled cheese and bacon, a BLT, a Reuben, or a Panini.

With the omelet Big Boss Grill creates never-fail, perfect omelets every time. Get creative! Add cheese, mushrooms, bacon, ham, chopped broccoli, diced tomatoes, and chopped onion. The sky’s the limit. You can create your own signature omelets with this versatile kitchen appliance.

Most people who avoid grilling do so because of the time it takes to clean the grill afterwards. Cleanup is a major drawback. However, with a kitchen appliance like the Big Boss Grill, cleanup is not a concern. The cooking plates have non-stick surfaces. Food doesn’t stick. The plates can be placed in the dishwasher.

Food preparation time is a breeze with appliances like the Big Boss Grill. The cooking plates cook both sides of the food at once; sealing in juices and providing evenly cooked food.

Another kitchen difficulty with many kitchen appliances is storage. This will never be a problem with kitchen appliances like Big Boss Grill. It comes with a storage shelf for the cooking plates. With a width and length of less than ten inches, The Big Boss Grill is compact and fits neatly on any counter or table.

The Big Boss Grill will change the way you prepare meals. To make things easier, Big Boss Grill includes a recipe book including 50 recipes—many of which you can create in less than ten minutes.

Kitchen appliances like The Big Boss Grill usually retail for almost $60. By shopping online you can get the Big Boss Grill for under $40. This special deal includes twelve grill plates, “Cooking with the Boss” recipe book, a storage rack and a chopper.


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Discover why Big Boss Grill is such a versatile kitchen appliance.

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Big Boss Grill

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Big Boss Grill

This article was published on 2011/10/04