The Best Braai That You’ll Love

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A braai is a social event that has specific norms and social traditions. Women cook meat at a social gathering and the men gather round the grill outdoors and cook the food.

The great smell of braai food sizzling on the grill is choice of all food lovers as this food encourages friends and relatives to gather. Let me share some recipes for your casual lunch, a candle light dinner, a kid’s party or celebrating any special day with loved ones. Whatever you are doing, a grill in your outdoor kitchen will make your garden little special.

Preparing Marshmallows on the braai

Cooking time: maximum 10 minutes
Preparation time: maximum 15 minutes

Things you need:

1 big pack of marshmallows
2 tots cream or cold milk
3 Bar-one chocolates
Bamboo skewers or sticks

How to get started?

Add the chocolates and cream to a medium-to-small-iron pot and keep the pot over slow-medium heat. As the pot starts heating, the chocolates and cream should heat up mutually and the chocolate will melt. Stir constantly until chocolates turns into smooth sauce. Take out the pot from the fire. As the pot is made up of cast iron so it will keep its heat and the chocolate sauce warm for some time. Put marshmallows on sticks; dip them in the chocolate sauce. Some braais skewered marshmallows by holding the skewer over the flames or coal. Braaing marshmallows will teach the basic principles of braaing.

Preparing Braaied chocolate banana pudding

Grilling time: maximum 20 minutes
Grilling method: direct


4 bananas
2 chocolate bars
Aluminum foil
5ml lemon juice
250ml whipped cream


Spray the bananas with lemon juice to prevent them from browning and add a little flavor. Put the chocolate pieces into the slit of the banana, wrap in the aluminum foil and place on the braai grid. Braai for about 20 minutes and ensure that both the sides should be cooked properly. Remove foil from bananas and serve hot with the whipped cream.

Choosing the right grill for preparing this kind of food is essential because only a good grill can bring taste to the food. Consider buying a better grill before you prepare the food on unsuitable grill. It is also significant to think whether you want to use the grill on daily basis or occasionally. Make choice according to your requirements and budget. If you ignore the messy work of setting the charcoal up and cleaning the ashes, then you must prefer buying gas grills instead of charcoal grills.

To make sure whether the grill is ready for cooking or no, hold your hand above the coals and count up to ten. If you have to drag your hand away earlier than you reach ten, the coals are too hot to start cooking. Always prefer to spread a bit of butter or oil on the food to lock the moisture in it. Throw all worries out of your mind and just enjoy braai food with a beer.

There are many websites supplying better quality wood and coal, some of them supply charcoal and gas grills while some of them offer braai recipes. Go online and get complete guidance on whatever you need.

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The Best Braai That You’ll Love

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This article was published on 2013/09/12