The Portable Charcoal Grill Makes a Comeback

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For a while it seemed like propane gas grills would replace charcoal as the grilling fuel of choice. However, recent trends in grilling magazines and online reviews have shown that the desire to cook with charcoal is making a comeback. So, it should come as no surprise or shock that portable charcoal grills are becoming more and more visible.

It is partly the time of year. If you ask people how often they grill outdoors, it all depends on the weather. In parts of the country that get snow and really cold temperatures, it is more likely that they grill when the weather is nice, like in the summer (in the U.S. anyway). In parts of the country where the weather is comfortable many parts of the year, it isn't too uncommon to be grilling in December or January. Now, you probably wouldn't be having an outdoor party on your patio, but the food could still come from the grill.

One Reason For The Portable Charcoal Grills Popularity

What makes a portable grill so popular in the first place is its versatility. Because of their size, you can use one camping or when tailgating at the big game. You no longer have to lug out that big charcoal thing with the ashes flying and the wheels getting stuck. You just open your trunk and put it right in there. Get to your destination, set it up and you are ready in no time. The portable grill works the same way as the larger, less portable variety. It just has a bowl shape that you fill with coals, get them started, wait about 30 minutes and then you are ready to grill.

With the larger charcoal grills, it just takes that much more time for the coals to get ready and then ultimately burn out. You might have to tend to that thing for hours to make sure no hot coals cause a fire hazard. With the smaller grill, it burns out much more quickly.

Popular as well are the portable gas grills. In the end, it comes down to convenience. The portable grills are simply easier to manage than their larger cousins. Gas grills are much quicker but have one big flaw; taste. Sure, the taste of foods on a propane grill can taste good, but they are not the same as the charcoal grilled taste. Charcoal gives food that extra added hint of mesquite and earthy flavor.

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If you have never used a portable charcoal grill then you might like to see how portable grills compare.

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The Portable Charcoal Grill Makes a Comeback

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This article was published on 2010/03/31