Which Type of Barbecue Is Best For You?

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The summer is full of holidays and events, all of which are great excuses to grill! Cooking a family meal on a gas grill is fast and simple, but it's fun, too, and some would argue that there is an art to it. Starting the fire for a grill is fast and easy, and once the food is eaten, there isn't much cleanup. Charcoal grills definitely leave their trademark flavor, but there is something to be said for the speed and convenience of a stove top grill, and many foods taste especially good when cooked over a gas grill.


There is no accounting for taste, and some people will just prefer a charcoal grill for their steaks. But for those who aren't so picky, a gas grill is just as good, if not better, because it does the job faster and with more precision. A gas grill can get hotter than a charcoal grill can, ensuring that your steaks are fully cooked. Even if you prefer yours on the rarer side of well done, a gas grill's increased heat gives it better precision, making it easier to make your steak just the way you like it.

Corn On The Cob

Wrap up your corn in aluminum foil and toss it on the gas grill, where it will be evenly cooked and thoroughly flavorful. The high temperature cooks this great snack or side-dish quickly. It can be a part of a meal, or a last-minute addition to a seven-course-meal.


Boiling potatoes takes a lot of time, and if you get anxious, you may just have undercooked potatoes for your trouble. However, if you wrap up your potatoes in aluminum foil, the gas grill can cook them all the way through in mere minutes. You don't even need to add water. Indeed, boiling potatoes in water on the stove can actually deprive the roots of their natural flavor. Add butter and spices to your potatoes after they are cooked, and you have another delicious barbecue side dish.


Kebabs can be made of any assortment of meat or vegetable (and even fruit), cooked to perfection on a gas grill. It can be difficult to cook meat and vegetables at the same time, but the even cooking you can get done on the gas grill means you don't have to worry about burning your vegetables while your meat is still cooking.

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Which Type of Barbecue Is Best For You?

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Which Type of Barbecue Is Best For You?

This article was published on 2013/12/13